Stand Out from the Crowd!

Beam Your Digital Business Card to People Around You!

Never Run Out of Paper Cards Again!

You're at a networking event and someone asks for your card. You say, "Look at your phone. I'm right there." Sure enough, they swipe down on their phone and there you are. You can share your contact details with anyone within 50 yards and allow them to add your vCard to their phone right on the spot.

You're making a presentation and want to share the outline or other content with your audience. Tell them you're on the physical web and to grab it from there. Your presentation file can be downloaded right from your business card.

You're in a meeting and you don't have enough paper cards with you (that never happens, right?). Just tell everyone they can grab your Digital Business Card from the physical web and add your contact information to their phones right then and there.

Check out the example and notice the Rolodex icon. It links to a vCard with all your information on it!


For the price of a stack of paper business cards, you can get your own physical web beacon and a personal digital business card for a year.

Only $49/year!
(First year $99 includes beacon, setup and shipping).

What's included:

  • We send you a small beacon you can carry with you everywhere
  • Your beacon will arrive pre-programmed with your business card
  • Your personal business card hosted for a year - Edit it any time from anywhere
  • A 10mm lapel pin you can wear so people will know you're on the physical web
  • Beacon batteries installed and tested

Contact us for information on volume discounts.

Check out the FAQ for answers to the most often asked questions or Contact us. If you want a beacon for your business, fill out the form on the Storefront page and we'll call you to discuss your specific needs.