Want A Place on the Physical Web?

We develop proximity relevant content designed for you!

Grow your business, connect with customers, communicate with walk-by traffic. We help you create your message and send you a beacon that transmits that message to people within 50 yards. Any time you need to change your message, you can edit it yourself or have us change it for you. Check out our free eBook to learn all about it.
Phy111 is your one-stop-shop for beacon content. Whether you have a store, a museum, an event or any other situation where people are close to your location, you need the physical web. And if you need the physical web, Phy111 is your solution.
We even provide digital business cards that will help you stand out at networking events and NEVER run out of cards again!

How do you use the Physical Web?

If you see this symbol, the physical web is near. If you have a physical web browser on your phone (you probably do), you can find the physical web just by swiping down. Most new phones have it built in, so when you swipe down on your device it scans for signals that are nearby. If something is there, you'll see a list. Nearby beacons are displayed by how close they are to you. You don't have to find websites, make calls or ask someone. The info is already there for you.


What is the Physical Web?

The Physical Web is the next big thing, it's a search engine for the physical world, the real world...

The Physical Web gives people location specific information via their mobile phones. For example: you might find a coupon, a video, a song, a document a digital business card or anything else a location wants to share. This content is delivered by beacons that transmit it within 50 yards. When you see this symbol, the physical web is near... Check it out!

What's in it for You?

As a consumer, you get contextually relevant content - content that is important right where you are standing. As a retailer, you can get important information to people who are right there, ready to walk up and engage with you.

Next Steps

Contact PHY111 and 111 Web Studio and we will deliver a beacon to you along with your content already programmed on it. Now you're ready. Just place your physical web beacon wherever you want to engage customers.

  • Beacon content can be branded for your business
  • Content can be as generic, specific or time sensitive as you need
  • Content can be as simple as an image, a logo, some information and a link to a website
  • Specific or special content (coupons, videos, menus, etc) can be created and updated as needed

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